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Welcome, Neighbor!

by Chief Halstead

Fort Worth Police Department, FWISD
and Fort Worth Citizens on Patrol

Fort Worth Police Chief Jeff Halstead held a press conference at Rosemont Elementary School Friday, March 8, 2017 announcing a coillaborative project to keep Fort Worth schools safe without increasing costs to the city.

This is an opportunity for citizens to become involved in the community and volunteer in a cpacity that affords maximum satisfaction, keeping the children of Fort Worth safe.

I can say from years experience in the COP program and involvement with the FortWorth Police Department that this community service has been most rewarding and provided great relationships with those who put their lives on the line for us every day.

If you have a few hours a month to volunteer, there are various activities within the COP that need your commitment.

For information and how to become involved, contact me, Maureen Beaucond, Ridglea North COP Captain at 817.239.7533 or maureen@gmail.com.


Code Blue Citizens on Patrol Training Classes Schedule
For details and an application,call:
~ Your NPO (Neighborhood Police Officer)
~ Maureen Beaucond, Ridglea North COP, at 817.239.7533
~ Gerald Huck, West Division Code Blue Coordinator at 817.392.4706

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Many times citizens call the police department asking for crime statistics for their area. Research and Planning is the official reporting unit for the statistics and they are currently working on an online CrimeView program. Until that is available, http://www.crimemapping.com is available to citizens who want crime stats for their area.

Personal Situational Awareness
For Women ONLY
Learn to trust your intuition. Intuition is a woman's built-in warning system. Learn the red flags, warning signs of danger, and more by attending a Personal Situational Awareness presentation from the FW Police Dept. Make sure your daughter attends before leaving for college. Call Ofc Benson at 817.392.4363 to schedule a presentation for your group..

Parked Car Safety Tip

Reminder -
Do not leave anything in your parked car.

Thieves can imagine a lot of valuable things in your car - especially when they see an old backpack or the bag you use to carry your lunch and knitting to work. Don't be a target for crime! Be aware of your surroundings, especially in parking lots, at the mall, etc. Trust your instincts - they never lie!

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