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Emergency & Non-Emergency

When to call your Neighborhood Police Officer (NPO)
- To report a concern in your neighborhood
- To
report chronic suspicious activity in your neighborhood
- To ask how to get active in preventing neighborhood crime
More information about your NPO and what NPOs do ....

When to call the Police Non-Emergency number
- To report a crime that has occurred but is not an emergency
- To report a situation that is not life or property threatening
Print the page of contact phone numbers to keep by your phone.

When to dial 911 for Emergency Response
- You are in eminent danger or injured
- You have reason to believe some one is entering your property
- To report a suspicious person who is still in your area

When in doubt, dial 911.
The 911 operator will prioritize your call based on your individual situation.

When to call or email Code Compliance
- To report code violations, junk vehicles, trash dumping, etc.

When to call the Citizens on Patrol (COP) Captain
- To learn what the group does for your neighborhood
- To become involved as Citizen on Patrol or a Block Watcher
Phone numbers are on the Contact page .

frequentlycalled  numbers

To report a non-emergency

Police Administration

Crime Stoppers Hotline

Records (Accident Reports)

Alarm Permit
(City of Fort Worth Development Department)
Auto Pound
School Security Initiative

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